Simcenter™ Amesim

Driving product innovation with model-based engineering.

Use Simcenter™ Amesim to…


Virtually assess performance of a new product, or technology, from the early design stages.


Benchmark several technologies, to select the design and control that improve performance of your product.


Analyze and solve performance issues on current products, with virtual root-cause analysis, at zero cost.


Avoid expensive oversizing of your product, maintaining desired performance levels.

Simcenter Amesim is a powerful simulation software, developped by Siemens PLM, that supports engineers during new product design or current design optimization.
With Simcenter Amesim, engineers can predict a new design's performance early-on in the development cycle and assess viability of new technologies and solutions.
Speed up product development time, save on testing and simplify the work of the technical office, thanks to Amesim's predictive engineering simulation.

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Industrial Solutions

Automotive and Ground Vehicles

Simcenter Amesim offers dedicated solutions and model libraries to support automotive and ground vehicles manufacturers and suppliers in designing robust, reliable and environmentally friendly systems. These automotive solutions also assess the global vehicle dynamic performance in terms of fuel economy, drivability and safety at the early design stages.

Mechanical Industries

Simcenter Amesim Mechanical Industries solutions are dedicated to complex mechatronic systems design such as hydraulic and pneumatic actuated systems, systems dealing with thermal exchanges, phase-change  or gas mixtures, as well as electrical systems. Growing complexity in the design and control and strong dynamics, mean engineers require more advanced CAE solutions to perform integrated system level transient simulations. Energy efficiency is an important issue, that manufacturing companies are working on. Simcenter Amesim has the features and the integrated tools to answer the industries’ needs at this critical time.

Aerospace and Defence

The Simcenter Amesim solutions for aerospace systems enable you to ensure a safer and more reliable design of physical systems while shortening the time-to-market by empowering a real integration of physical systems with their controls. Providing a market-leading, multi-domain simulation environment, the aerospace solutions offer an open approach to mechatronic system simulation – from functional requirements to etailed


The Simcenter Amesim solutions for marine applications, help to increase innovation, design, engineer and build better and more affordable ships. The marine industry has to face huge environmental challenges, achieve CO2 and NOx 50% reductions by 2050. To achieve such results, the development of "fuel-efficient" traditional powertrains, or hybrid or full-electric powertrains is critical. Simcenter Amesim allows engineers to predict dynamic performance of systems (like powertrain), their efficiency, the best control strategies for the physical design, early-on in the development cycle, supporting the ship-building industry to face these challenges.

How it works

Represent the System

Choose and drag the physical components of the software into the sketch space and link them to recreate the model you want to represent in the model.


Parameterize the components within your sketch, to adapt them to the actual sizing of the system or individual component.

Simulate and Analyze

Simulate transient working conditions and trends in pressures, temperatures, voltages, forces, accelerations, speeds, capacities, etc.

Validated Model Libraries, ready to use

The multi-domain approach of Simcenter Amesim, allows the user to represent multiple physical domains (such as electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, thermal …) in a single model.
With over 6500 modelling elements (valves, electric motors, actuators, pumps, gears, thermal elements, heat exchangers, compressors, batteries ..) pre-validated and completely parametric, made available to the user, in Amesim it is possible to assemble a virtual model of any engineering system in just a few clicks.
The presence of pre-packaged modelling elements saves time for users, who can focus more on engineering studies instead of writing lines of code.

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